Friday, 16 December 2016

ఒక వాట్సాప్ సందేశం

మనం ఎప్పుడూ గతం గురించే ఆలోచిస్తూ ఉంటాము.ఎవరు ఒప్పుకున్నా , ఒప్పుకోకపోయినా ఇది మాత్రం నిజం😊 సోషల్ మీడియాలో కూడా రోజూ కొన్ని వందల సుభాషితాలు పోస్ట్ చేస్తూ ఉంటారు.గతం గురించి మర్చిపో,వర్తమానంలో జీవించు అని.వాటి దారి వాటిదే, మన దారి మనదే.బ్రతికి ఉన్నప్పుడు ఏం  చేస్తున్నారో పట్టించుకోము.చనిపోయినాక తీరిగ్గా లోపాలు వెతుకుతూ చర్చించుకుంటాము 😊 ప్రస్తుతం ఇక్కడ పోస్ట్ చేస్తున్న సందేశం వర్తమానం లోనిదే.ఇందులో చెప్పినట్లు సమాచారం తెలుసుకునే హక్కు అందరికి ఉంది 

వాట్సాప్ సందేశం :
Message to the Nation from PM N@M0:
*मित्रों (friends), my government has completed 700 days.*
*Here are my achievements...*

🔹Railway platform ticket was ₹3 
and it's ₹10 today.
🔹Unlimited Net came in a package of ₹98 
and today it comes in ₹246. 
🔹Earlier the call rate was 30p per minute and today, it is ₹1.
🔹When Crude oil was $119 a barrel, petrol was available at ₹67 a litre 
and today though crude oil is down to $30 a barrel, I am giving petrol at ₹60 per litre.
🔹Earlier dal was ₹70 
and it's ₹150 today.
🔹Service Tax was 12.36% 
it's 14.5% today.
🔹Excise Duty today is 12.36% 
it was 10% earlier.
🔹Be sure to check the Balance Sheet of all the undertakings.
🔹Dollar rate was ₹58.50, 
today is ₹68.50
🔹To eliminate gas subsidies of ₹100 crs, 
I had to spend ₹250crs for advertising.
🔹I gave ₹250crs for the Swachta advertising campaign, 
but I do not have ₹35crs for the salaries of sanitation personnel.
🔹I am giving Kissan TV Channel ₹100crs annually 
as this channel is an organization of the RSS Advisory staff.
🔹I express my helplessness in snatching away the subsidies to farmers.
🔹I have ₹500crs for Yoga Day and annual emoluments for Ramdev to teach yoga in Haryana state schools is ₹700crs.
🔹I have no money for school primary education and had to cut the budget by 20%.
🔹I have offered ₹64,000crs as Corporate Tax Relief, 
but I can't offer ₹15,000crs to repay the loans of the farmers who are committing suicides.
🔹For Skill India I have ₹200 crs of advertising budget, 
but the scholarships for youth was cut by ₹500crs because they did not say 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'.
🔹Government has losses, and the tender has been passed for Indian railways to sell land because ₹22,000crs must be paid to Adani.
🔹Mallya leaving the country defaulting on ₹9,000 cr loan is no matter 
as it is only ₹75 per citizen.
🔹My dream of Achce din has come true .. 
_((for ME, my Party and my Capitalist Friends..))_

You have all the right information and the achievements of my government.
Please forward this to all the people.

Only more thing: 
I have time for an election rally in Agra 
but closeby, just some distance  from there, I couldn't visit the scene of the Kanpur railway accident.
Only 144 people died anyway.

But I need not have shame or fear 
because my Bhakts are blind;
they have unthinking devotion 
and will mindlessly support me.

If you don't support me,
you are definitely Anti-National
and should leave the country.

भारत माता की जै !

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